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Can you name the details from the King of the Hill episode Hank's on Board?

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What year did this episode come out?
What does Bill sometimes wish he was?
What holiday was it?
Where was Boomhauer going?
Where was Dale going?
'Even though Dale said he would be back from his UFO convention in 35 romulan light years, it really only amounts to _ days.'
Who had car trouble?
'The commander of the federation is a ________ at Pep Boys. He'll take a lot at it.'
Who jumped into the van?
What type of equipment did they have?
What did Bill trip on?
How many years had Dale and Boomhauer been ditching Bill?
Who wanted Dale and Boomhauer to throw a surprise party?
'I want to see the look on my ____ when I walk through that door.'
'Screw it. We might as well invite the whole _____. You know, wives and kids.'
Where was Bobby's beach shirt?
'Wait, the guy behind us is talking on a cellphone. Might as well have a bottle of _______ in his mouth.'
What type of candy did Dale offer Bill?
What letter describes Boomhauer's car?
What letter describes the other car?
Who did they do impressions of?
'You just ruined a perfectly good ______ routine.'
Who had to go to the bathroom?
What number was it?
What gas station did Hank not want to go to?
What gas station did they go to?
What did they buy at the gas station?
What brand was it?
'The _____ was too good to pass up.'
Where did Hank tell Bill not wipe his hand?
What did Nancy mention when she talked about what she ate?
'Hey dude, check out my _______.'
What city did they go to?
What county is it in?
What food were they out of?
'Sorry Bobby, this isn't one of your video games where if lose the grocery money you can ____ someone and get it back.'
How much money did Peggy give Bobby?
What was the blue highway?
What did they eat?
What was the name of the restaurant?
What did they get as a souvenir?
What type of cheese did Bill tell a joke about?
'Stop pretending to fix things that are A- not ours and B- not ______.'
What did Peggy tell Hank to change?
'See that girl sunbathing with her top unhooked. You drop this ____ on her back and when she jumps up, I'll look at her boobies!'
'Dude, with one of those _____ _________ we could like make tons of money.'
What did Dale want a wig made out of?
What is the name of the boat?
What have they been searching for?
When was the frigate sunk?
What was its name?
How many gold Pasetas were lost?
How many degrees north?
How many degrees west?
What brand of cooler do they have?
'So, uh what do we do now? Do we all put on dive helmets and look for a big wooden _____ with a lock on it?'
What do they set the boat on?
'Joseph, honey, that ____ doesn't wanna play.'
Who did Bobby think the earring belonged to?
Who droppped it?
'This beach is for ______ only.'
What did they kick at Bobby and Peggy?
'One of them starts my _____. I found the rest. They're my trophies.'
What were they doing when they jumped off the boat?
'These guys are a bunch of crazy ____, I tell you what.'
What did they forget to lower?
'Charm bracelet and a _________ lighter.'
Where did Peggy want Bobby to punch her?
'Prepare for an ________ of me kicking your ass.'
Blame the ______
What did Boomhauer break off?
What started to leak?
Where did the joke really come from?
'Well, _____ 'em if you got 'em.'
'Best day we've had since those bales of _________ washed up on shore.'
What was the name of the biker bar?
'Let's go play _______ on jet skis.'
What dock number?

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