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Can you name the details from the King of the Hill episode Four Wave Intersection?

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What year did this episode come out?
What is the title a parody of?
'Another day of triple digit temperatures. Now it's official, this heatwave has lasted longer than my second ________.'
Who cut his jeans into shorts?
_____ Dukes
What did Joseph have between his legs?
'My dad has the ____ cranked all the way up. He said something about fighting fire with fire, but it wasn't working for me.'
Get ____
Get ___
Get ____
Go _______
San _____ exit
Second ____ on Antonita Boulevard
The Big Ka - ____ - Ah
What is that slide a parody of?
What is the name of the waterpark?
What character from Scrubs does not like waterparks?
'I'm starting to leave a ____ puddle.'
'Fine, just put on your _____.'
Which one of Bill's tires went flat?
Who did he call for help?
'They're really ______ at me!'
What animal was on the van
______ Zone
'Look how ____ that slide goes!'
'That's the Avalanche and it's horrifying. Some kid went on it and all that came out was a _______ ____.'
'Would you like to get ______ passes?'
'If you won't so it for me, do it for your ____?'
What outdoor toy did Bobby mention?
What did Bobby get bored with?
What else did Bobby get bored with?
What else did Bobby get bored with?
'I'll be too _________ to bother you.'
Where did Boomhauer go?
What game did he play?
health ______
What did the DJ decide to call Bill?
'They talked about me on the radio. I ______! Take that, Dad!'
______ only
What is the name of the employee/bully?
'I didn't spend my entire summer budget to slide down a little ____ tounge.'
'Ride this wave, _______!'
'Nobody _____ in an amusement park.'
Who has had good experiences with surfers?
'Tomorrow, tell his he has a nice _____.'
'Can I point you to the ____ ____?'
What term was used to describe the bullies?
Who is the waterpark owned by?
What is this an example of?
What is the name of the manager?
'I don't ask any questions about what goes on on _______ Island.'
Where did Boomhauer used to be a surfer?
What county is that city located in?
'Wow, look how ______ he is!'
'I have a ______________ to the people of Arlen.'
'Did you order a ______ _____?'
Where did Bobby ask where there was air conditioning?
What was Boomhauer drinking?
Who did Bill tell Hank to give thumbs up to?
What department requested people to conserve energy?
What did they suggest?
What time did Hank suggest?
What is the name of Boomhauer's trick when he surfs on one leg?
'I don't know what the heck's going on here, but someone needs to get their _____ kicked.'
What did Bill put on his face?
'This ain't no _____, bro-dad.'
What did Kahn do?

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