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Can you name the details from the King of the Hill episode Death Picks Cotton?

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What year did this episode come out?
What day did it come out?
What was Hank building?
What was the first material Cotton used to build a shed in WWII?
What was the second material Cotton used to build a shed in WWII?
What was the third material Cotton used to build a shed in WWII?
What type of restaurant do Luanne, Lucky, Hank, and Peggy go to?
What is the name of that restaurant?
What food do people catch in their mouths at this restaurant?
What TV character did Bobby compare this to?
What food did Cotton want?
What type of bread did he want?
What did Peggy leave for Cotton and Bobby?
What song does Bobby dance to?
How does Cotton go to the bathroom?
What does he not have under his shirt?
Where does he put the food that Peggy left for them?
What did the chef say when Cotton mentioned Tojo?
What celebration did Cotton ruin?
What did Cotton choke on?
What did term did the doctor use to
What is cotton allergic to?
What food was Bobby playing chef with?
What role did Luanne play?
What did Lucky make up to scare Bobby?
What was Cotton's dying wish that Dale tried to fulfill?
What inspired Lucky and Luanne to play with Bobby?
Why did they believe that source of information
What do Lucky and Hank play in?
What did Cotton say after Hank told him that he loved him?
What type of code did the doctors use?
What were they trying to bring to Santa?
Where did Cotton kick the Grim Reaper?
Where did Cotton poke the Grim Reaper?
What did Cotton see when he died?
What body part did he see?
What body part did Cotton want Hank to cut off?
Who did Cotton want Hank to mail that body part to?
What would they be drinking on that beach?
What did Lucky give Bobby?
What did Lucky say he would sneak Bobby?
How did Cotton want to die?
What is Cotton able to slow?
What did Peggy do after Cotton died?
What did Peggy say that Cotton's last words were?
What happens to the shed?
Who did this to the shed?
What term was used to describe the shed?

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