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What rule must Ted and Barney and Barney know to run MacLaren's in 'Three Days of Snow'?
What does Barney use as 'bait' in the episode Hooked? Bonus: What other examples does he mention having used before to less sucess?
Who is the first to jump off the roof in 'The Leap'?
What is the name of the band led by Robin's Canadian ex-boyfriend, famous for their catchy tune 'Murder Train'?
What piece of baggage prompts Ted to leave Royce at the end of the episode 'The Wedding Bride'?
What movie do Ted and Stella see on their 'second date' in the episodes 'Ten Sessions'? Bonus: What movie do they see on their 'first' date?
How did Lily's 98-year-old landlord die?
Marshall's coworker Jenkins eats an entire jar of this food in front of the entire office. What is it?
What is the name of Robin's elderly boyfriend who brings jello shots to Slapsgiving?
What is 'Not Moby's' real name in The Limo?
What is Mary the Prostitute's real profession?
Barney hooks up with a girl at Ted's party in Purple Giraffe. Who does she work with?
Name any of Barney's costumes in the episode 'The Slutty Pumpkin.'
How did Ted damage the drywall between the two windows in his and marshall's apartment?
What musical instrument does ted's ideal woman play?
What item does Ted use to propose to Stella in 'Miracles'?
What does Chloe mistakenly call Robin at the end of the episode 'Swarley'?
What is one of the two possible names for the time that Marshall drove home with Ted at the beginning of Christmas break their freshman year of college?
What song can elicit a 'woo!' from any of the woo girls in the episode 'Woooo!'
What does Marshall consider to be Robin's 'but' in the beginning of the episode 'Little Boys'?
How did Ted meet Blah Blah in 'How I Met Everyone Else'?
What language do Ted and Stella speak during their third session in the episode 'Ten Sessions'?
what embarrassing word/phrase does Ted immediately regret texting in the episode 'The Three Days Rule'?
what article of clothing prompts Barney and Robin to refer to Ted as 'The Sexless Innkeeper'?
Name any of the 8 steps of 'The Platinum Rule'? Bonus: What is Ted's proposed 9th Rule?

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