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A (The first name of a doctor on House's team. Once a brunette, she went to a nice blondish color later in the show)
B (Cutthroat _____...The nickname house gives to Amber Volakis)
C (The blonde haired Aussie of the team)
D (The department of the hospital in which House is in charge of)
E (________ Lies)
F (The Doctor whom is often the butt of House's racial jokes)
G (The hand-held video game device that House is often seen playing in his free time)
H (The name of Wilson's dog)
I (House is a specialist in this subject of medicine)
J (House originally attended this school until he was caught cheating and then expelled)
K (This doctor was found dead in his bedroom at the end of Season 5)
L (The first name of the Dean of Medicine at the hospital where the show takes place)
M (The psychiatric hospital House is a patient at during Season 6.)
The Letter/HintAnswer
N (The medical speciality of Dr. Foreman)
O (The actress who plays '13' on the show)
P (The name of the hospital where the show takes place)
Q (Steve Mc____ [The name of House's pet rat])
R (The actor who plays Wilson)
S (House is an avid watcher of these types of television shows)
T (The name of opening theme song on the show which is performed by the group 'Massive Attack')
U (Cuddy was in undergrad at this school at the same time House was in its medical school)
V (House is addicted to this drug)
W (Considered House's best friend; oncologist at the hospital)
X (House or any of the other doctors will sometimes order this procedure to get a look inside of a patient's body)
Y (This 'Rolling Stones' song made multiple appearances in the show, including when Amber quotes the title to House in the season 4 finale)
Z ('Chasing _____, Circling the Drain'...This was supposed to be the show's name before it was changed to 'House'.

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