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Can you name the Allomancy Metals?

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Allomantic PowerMetalMisting
Pulls On Nearby Sources Of MetalLurcher
Pushes On Nearby Sources Of MetalCoinshot
Increases SencesTineye
Increases Physical AbilitiesThug
Enflames EmotionsRioter
Dampens EmotionsSoother
Hides Allomantic PulsesSmoker
Allows One To Hear Allomantic PulsesSeeker
Allomantic PowerMetalMisting
Slows Down TimePulser
Speeds Up TimeSlider
Reveals Your Past SelfAuger
Reveals Your Own FutureOracle
Wipes Allomantic Reserves Of A TargetLeecher
Flares Allomantic Reserves Of A TargetNicroburst
Wipes Internal Allomantic ReservesGnat
Flares Internal Allomantic ReservesGnat

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