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Can you name the more important Spongebob characters ?

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HintFirst + Last NameLocation
Main ProtagonistPineapple
Starfish with Hibiscus shortsRock
Texan SquirrelSea Dome
Clarinet playing OctopusEaster Island head
Krusty Krab managerAnchor
Krab's whale daughterAnchor
Spongebob's petpineapple
Main AntagonistChum Bucket
Plankton's 'W.I.F.E' Chum Bucket
Boating teacherBoating School
Superhero Shady Shoals
SidekickShady Shoals
HintFirst + Last NameLocation
Pirate GhostGhost Ship
LifeguardGoo Lagoon
Squidward's rich enemyVery Large Mansion
God of the seaBikini Bottom
Super villan (tickle belt)New Kelp City
Super villan (brown bubble)Pacific Ocean
Hid pickles under his toungeBikini Bottom
Wanted to kick spongebob's buttDowntown Bikini Bottom
First in line at Krabby LandBikini Bottom
Elder fishShady Shoals
Spongebob's momBikini Bottom
Spongebob's dadBikini Bottom

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