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Can you name the terms and names that have the initials A.B., B.C., C.D., etc.?

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Also try: A.B. to Y.Z.
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A.B.The first 2 letters of the Greek alphabet.
B.C.Canadian province; the capital is Victoria.
C.D.You put it into a radio to listen to music.
D.E.A position in American Football.
E.F.Reduce, reuse, recycle!
F.G.The grade that comes after Kindergarten.
G.H.It stimulates growth, cell reproduction and regeneration in humans and other animals.
H.I.Examples are Medicare and Medicade
I.J.Something to laugh at, but keeping it between you and your friends.
J.K.U.S. senator from Massachusetts.
K.L.The federal capital and most populous city in Malaysia.
L.M.Two brothers who are the main characters in a popular string of video games.
M.N.The initials of a U.S. state.
N.O.The largest city in Louisiana
O.P.The person that posted something first; for example, BanjoZebra made the first A.B. to Y.Z. quiz, therefore he is the ________.
P.Q.In very bad condition.
Q.R.Very fast reply.
R.S.The drummer on 'The Beatles'.
S.T.Baseball practice in Major League Baseball right before opening day.
T.U.When you barf, you ________.
U.V.Film made in 2006 directed by Kurt Wimmer and starring Milla Jovovich.
V.W.Car company with cars such as the Jetta and the Beetle.
W.XThis is the telegraph abbreviation for _______.
X.Y.The former President of the Supreme People's Court of China.
Y.Z.A type of motorcycle made by a company that also makes electrical pianos

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