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Can you name the The Hunger Games Winners?

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Hints.Victors.When they appeared.
Used suicide persuasion.First appearance in 'The Hunger Games.'
Was a career.First appearance in 'Catching Fire.'
Ability to make fish hooks and lived off non-poisonous nuts..First appearance in 'Catching Fire.'
Faked being weak to divert attention.First appearance in 'Catching Fire.'
Was a career. Gift of trident in arena.First appearance in 'Catching Fire.'
District 3 winner..First appearance in 'Catching Fire.'
After a flood, she was the best swimmer.First appearance in 'Catching Fire.'
Used general brutality.First appearance in 'Catching Fire.'
Used suicide persuasion.First appearance in 'The Hunger Games.'
Used force field to deflect attacks.First appearance in 'The Hunger Games.'
Won using electric traps.First appearance in 'Catching Fire.'

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