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Can you name the Every Pokemon Gym Leader?

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BadgeGym LeaderTown or City and Region
Boulder BadgePewter City, Kanto
Cascade BadgeCerulean City, Kanto
Thunder BadgeVermilion City, Kanto
Rainbow BadgeCeladon, Kanto
Soul BadgeFuchsia City, Kanto
Marsh BadgeSaffron City, Kanto
Volcano Badge Cinnabar Island, Kanto
Earth BadgeViridian City, Kanto
Zephyr BadgeViolet City, Johto
Hive BadgeAzalea Town, Johto
Plain BadgeGoldenrod City, Johto
Fog BadgeEcruteak City, Johto
Storm BadgeCianwood City, Johto
Mineral BadgeOlivine City, Johto
Glacier BadgeMahogany Town, Johto
Rising BadgeBlackthorn City, Johto
Stone BadgeRustboro City, Hoenn
Knuckle BadgeDewford City, Hoenn
Dynamo BadgeMauville City, Hoenn
Heat BadgeLavaridge Town, Hoenn
Balance BadgePetalburg City, Hoenn
Feather BadgeFortree City, Hoenn
Mind BadgeMossdeep City, Hoenn
Rain BadgeSootopolis City, Hoenn
Coal BadgeOreburgh City, Sinnoh
Forest BadgeEterna City, Sinnoh
Cobble BadgeVeilstone City, Sinnoh
Fen BadgePastoria City, Sinnoh
BadgeGym LeaderTown or City and Region
Relic BadgeHearthome City, Sinnoh
Mine BadgeCanalave City, Sinnoh
Icicle BadgeSnowpoint City, Sinnoh
Beacon BadgeSunnyshore City, Sinnoh
Trio BadgeStriaton City, Unova
Basic BadgeNacrene City, Unova
Insect BadgeCastelia City, Unova
Bolt Badge Nimbasa City, Unova
Quake BadgeDriftveil City, Unova
Jet Badge Mistralton City, Unova
Freeze BadgeIcirrus City, Unova
Legend BadgeOpelucid City, Unova
Basic Badge (Black and White 2)Aspertia City, Unova
Toxic Badge (Black and White 2)Virbank City, Unova
Wave Badge (Black and White 2)Humilau City, Unova
Bug BadgeSantalune City, Kalos
Cliff BadgeCyllage City, Kalos
Rumble BadgeShalour City, Kalos
Plant BadgeCoumarine City, Kalos
Voltage BadgeLumiose City, Kalos
Fairy BadgeLaverre City, Kalos
Psychic BadgeAnistar City, Kalos
Iceberg BadgeSnowbelle City, Kalos
Coral-Eye BadgeMikan Island, Orange Islands
Sea Ruby BadgeNavel Island, Orange Islands
Spike Shell BadgeTrovita Island, Orange Islands
Jade Star BadgeKumquat Island, Orange Islands
Winner's TrophyPummelo Island, Orange Islands

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