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The Protagonist of Mario Games
Mario's brother
The Princess of toadstools
The Princess of Sarasaland
A green dinosaur
The main enemy of Mario
Bowser's main son (Debut in Super Mario Sunshine)
Wears a yellow hat
Wears a purple hat (Wario's brother)
A pink dinosaur
A mushroom that provides assistance to the mario gang
Female toad
An old mushroom
Mother of the lumas
A ghost
King of the boos
A walking piranha plant (Boss in some games)
A bone version of Bowser
The most common enemy in Mario games
A turtle looking enemy
Bone version of Koopa Troopa
Baby version of Mario
Baby version of Luigi
Baby version of Peach
Baby version of Daisy
Protagonist of the Kongs
Donkey Kong's sidekick
Diddy Kong's girlfriend
One of the Koopalings
One of the Koopalings
One of the Koopalings
One of the Koopalings
One of the Koopalings
One of the Koopalings
One of the Koopalings
Resident of Isle Delfino
Koopas that can cast spells
Type of plant that is an enemy
Squid-like enemies
An enemy fish
A bullet enemy
Dog-like enemies that have sharp teeth and are tied to the ground
Caterpillar Enemy
Baby version of Rosalina
A bomb enemy
A timid guy that wears a mask
Bowser's minion that throws hammers
Guy that throws spiky shells
A purple rabbit that wears a bib and is an enemy in Super Mario Bros U and Luigi Bros U
Mario as a doctor
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