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Can you name the every Animal Crossing Character?

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The player you are in the game
Assistant Mayor in Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Real Estate Agent in Animal Crossing, where you get your house expanded and get new doors and exteriors
Famous musician at Club LOL and you can by his songs at the store
One of the owners of the store that you buy furniture and items at
Other owner of the store you buy furniture and items at
Wife of Cyrus and is one of the owners of Re-Tail
Husband of Reese and other owner of Re-Tail. He refurbishes furniture at Re-Tail
Famous Clothing Designer, who eventually moves a store in town in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, after a long process
Owner of Club LOL
Fortune Teller of the town, who originally has her shop in a tent, but moves in after you get many fortunes taken
Owner of the Museum, where you donate fossils, fish, bugs, and art and get fossils assessed at
Blathers' little sister who works at the upstairs of the museum in Animal Crossing: New Leaf
One of the owners of Able Sisters, the clothing store
Mabel's sister and is another owner of Able Sisters
Mabel and Sable's sister, who is another owner of Able Sisters and sells the hats and accessories
One of the policemen in Animal Crossing
The other policeman in Animal Crossing
The owner of the Dream Suite in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, who lets you dream walk in previous towns or any town found on Spotpass
The hairdresser in Animal Crossing
The owner of the Flower Shop, who moves his business in with Timmy and Tommy Nook and Gracie
The owner of the Shoe Shop. He owns a brand new shop in Animal Crossing: New Leaf
One of the workers in the Post Office, who works the daytime shift.
One of the workers in the Post Office, who works the night shift
One of the workers in the Post Office, who delivers the mail to people's mailboxes
The mayor in Animal Crossing, Animal Crossing: Wild World, and Animal Crossing: City Folk, but retired in Animal Crossing: New Leaf to Tortimer Island, where Kapp'n lives
The owner of The Roost, the coffee shop in Animal Crossing
A sea lion that gives out badges to villagers, who do good deeds for the town
A mole, who yells at you if you don't save your game
Mr. Resetti's older brother
The Santa Clause in Animal Crossing, except he's a reindeer
The 'Czar of Halloween', who gives you spooky furniture
A gyroid assistant that help you throughout the game in Animal Crossing: City Folk
A walrus that is an artist
If you catch a scallop, he will sometimes ask for a trade for furniture
Answer her questions, to receive a silver or gold axe
She lost her child, Katie, and if you find her, you will get a reward
Lost daughter of Kaitlin
He is on the train, and asks you questions about your gender and name
Goes to your town to sell turnips
Sells art at crazy prices and some are fake
Travels the world to trade wallpaper and carpets
Asks you to catch 5 spirits
Business man
Substitute of Dr. Shrunk
Isabelle's sister
Rows a boat to Tortimer Island
Seagull, who washes up on the beach
Kapp'n's mother
Rewards player who catches the biggest bass
Only appears during Harvest Festival
Kapp'n's wife
Daughter of Kapp'n and Leilani
Hosts the Bug-Off Contests
Greets the player whenever they want to travel
Only comes on Bunny Day
Comes only during the Acorn Festival
If you get the right sized snowballs, he will come to life and give you gifts
Comes only on Festivale
Co-worker in Animal crossing: Happy Home Designer and is Lyle's niece

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