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TypePokemonDescription / Hint
Water typeA choice as a starter pokemon
Fire and Flying Saved Ash's life in a pokemon movie.
BugA pod like pokemon
Normal Attack's you way to often in red and blue.
Psychic It flees as soon as you find it.
Grass and PoisonPink Lips
Ice and PsychicIt is the only Pokemon that is Ice and Psychic
Water and Flying Kick it
NormalAny Pokemon
Electric This pokemon HATES the color red
DragonThe Baby,
Normalis Overjoyed !
Water and IceEvolves with the water stone radiation
Ghost and PoisonGastly's body will dwindle away when exposed to a strong wind
Fighting The one that fights with its legs
FightingThe one that fights with his fists
TypePokemonDescription / Hint
PsychicCan only learn dream eater through use of a TM
Normal and FlyingThis pokemon is quite a story
FightingOnly has two toes
GroundThese three are always together
Bug and GrassSounds like the city , but is not
WaterThe most expensive duck you can buy
Grass and PoisonWants to fly with hoppip
ElectricThe Icon
PsychicDo not interupt him.
NormalElvolves into 3
GrassNot much is known about it , some think it is a boy who got lost.
PoisonIf touched can cause influenza
NormalJessie accidentally traded it for her Wobbuffet
No 'type' clue for this.The first pokemon to ever be shown in the T.V. show.

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