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Can you name the bodies of land which lie on the other sides of these straits?

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This strait......separates this island/country......from this body of land.
Bering StraitRussia
Yucatan ChannelCuba
Hudson StraitQuebec (Canada)
La PĂ©rouse StraitSakhalin (Russia)
Strait of HormuzIran
Palk StraitIndia
English ChannelGreat Britain (UK)
Strait of SicilyItaly
Strait of OtrantoAlbania
Nares StraitEllesmere Island (Canada)
Bass StraitVictoria (Australia)
Macassar StraitBorneo (Indonesia)
This strait......separates this island/country......from this body of land.
Korea StraitSouth Korea
Mozambique ChannelMozambique
Torres StraitAustralia
Denmark StraitGreenland (Denmark)
Taiwan StraitTaiwan
Strait of FloridaFlorida (USA)
Drake PassageAntarctica
Strait of MalaccaSumatra (Indonesia)
Cook StraitSouth Island (New Zealand)
Tsugaru StraitHokkaido (Japan)
Sunda StraitJava (Indonesia)
Straits of GibraltarSpain

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