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Can you name the cricketing terms from A-Z?

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The regular five test England vs Australia test series
Small pieces of wood that lie on top of the stumps
Left-handed bowler bowling wrist spin (left arm unorthodox)
Getting out having scored 0 runs
Wides, byes and no-balls are these.
A delivery that reaches the batsman without bouncing
Fielder wide of the slip cordon
A way to be out in cricket
Area of the pitch closest to the wicket
An exceptionally well bowled delivery
A batsman getting out off the first ball he faces in both innings of a two-innings match
Bowling style of Shane Warne
Over in which no runs are scored off the bat
Lower order batsman sent in to play out the last few overs of the day
The half of the pitch in front of the batsman's body as he takes strike.
A shot played to the leg side to a short-pitched delivery
the total number of overs (maximum 10) allotted to a bowler in any limited overs match
Fast bowling phenomenon; usually occurs with an old ball.
Powerful shot without much concern for proper technique
Format of IPL games
The adjudicator of play
An often pejorative term applied to low level cricket
The bowlers often aim at this!
Slang for the scorer of extras in the innings
A ball pitched very close to the batsman in the block-hole
Andy Flower put in his greatest performances for this team

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