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QUIZ: Can you name the WWE Superstars by their anagram?

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China Stir
Leotard Boiler
Ouch In
Rim Op
Acne John
Tart Way By
Egg Horn Owls
Odd Stinky
Car As In
Racks Gag Jew
Can Size Joke Elk
Of Stoking Kin
Car Wonkier
Dean Gyro Run
Leather Hats
Seaboard Men
Beast Longing
Hardline Jam
Rack By
Ice Op
Karate He Light
Cry Does Doh
Abuser Jilting
Outline List
A Ken
A Dead Minnows
An Donor Try
God Lust
Diva Aunt Dog
Lax Eerily
Hem Zit
Raincoat Noose
Waterbed Rat
Rape He Lurk
Hells Intros
Brandy Alien
Gob Wish
Bravo Damn
Bras Cloudy
Crewmen Dirty
Gonad Fan
Eat Sin
Beaver Noun
Ark Cry Zed
Ah Suit Toys
Rank Rhyme
Time Ye Sorry
Mariner Song
Is Joy Mum
Joey Us
Eat Drunker
Ham Uses
Taxies Curl
National Realms
Razor Diced Rigour

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