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QUIZ: Can you name the History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi Characters by Martial Art?

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Forced Order
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Martial ArtCharacterType
Lucha LibreDou Satsuijin-Ken
Karate? Satsujin-Ken
JujutsuSei Satsuijin-Ken
Street FightingDou
KalarippayattuDou Satsuijin-Ken
Muay Thai/Muay BoranSei Satsuijin-Ken
Lucha LibreDou Satsuijin-Ken
Pencak Silat? Satsuijin-Ken
Chinese Martial Arts (Pinyin Róu)Sei Katsujin-Ken
Zui QuanDou Satsujin-Ken
Go no SenSei
AikijujutsuSei Katsujin-Ken
KalarippayattuSei Satsuijin-Ken
Various One Shadow, Nine Fists martial artsDou/Sei Satsuijin-ken
Chinese KempoDou Satsuijin-Ken
Muay Thai/Muay BoranSei Satsuijin-Ken
Chinese KempoDou
Chinese Martial Arts (Hikaken and Hakkyoken especially)Sei
Martial ArtCharacterType
Command SamboSei Satsuijin-Ken
Hybrid Martial ArtDou Katsujin-Ken
Piguaquan/BājíquánDou Satsuijin-Ken
UnknownUnknown(Possibly both Dou and Sei) Satsuijin-Ken
KarateDou Katsujin-Ken
Karate/Jujutsu/Chinese Martial Arts/Muay ThaiSei Katsujin-Ken
JujutsuSei Satsujin-Ken
Personal Escape ArtN/A
WeaponsSei Katsujin-Ken
Pencak SilatSei Satsuijin-Ken
Ancient Martial Arts/Karate/BoxingSei/Dou Satsuijin-Ken
Unknown (Vast Knowledge/Movement Imitation)Sei/Dou Katsujin-Ken
Tae Kwon DoDou
Command SamboDou Satsujin-Ken
Likely the various One Shadow, Nine Fists martial artsSei Satsuijin-Ken
At least Kung Fu and Jujutsu and likely moreDou Satsuijin-Ken
Muay ThaiDou Katsujin-Ken

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