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what is danisnotonfires full name? {middle name too}
when is dans birthday?
how tall is he?
what does Dan like to call his channel?
what was the first thing he ever said on YouTube?
in which two cities has he lived with his room mate?
who does he live with? (full name)
which british cook is Dan 'obsessed' with?
in his video 'Dan and Phil react to Teens React to Dan and Phil' what does one of the 'teens' {Ethan to be specific} say about the 'Sexy End Screen Dance'
in the same video what was the slogan Dan spontaneously created?
who did Dan have as his 'female specimen' in 'Men vs Women
and in this video 'who gets it harder; Men or Women?'
in which PINOF does Phil say 'time for your neck exam danny'?
what is Dan getting thrown at him whilst he is dressed as a dinosaur?
according to Caspar Lee what is he?
what is the mask that Phil got Dan for christmas in 2011?
what was the main typo {from his tweet} Dan was talking about in his 'typos have ruined my life' video?
and who are 'they' {from 'typos have ruined my life'}
what is the dance called that he does at the end of each video?
what was his hamster called?
where did Dan work when he was a teenager?
in 'Truth or Dare' what did Dan have to seductively eat?
what was Dan's noise when he did 'GUESS THE YOUTUBER' with Alfie and Phil?
what are the names of the two q and a videos Dan and Phil make together
one of which is shortened to _____
what does everyone on twitter want him to do?
who waxed his legs on his side channel?
what is the name of the chair in his room?

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