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Can you name the movies which had the following scenes begin (or almost begin) them?

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Opening SceneMovie TitleDetails
A large, outdoor wedding reception set in 1945 New York City.
A man sitting at a bus stop, reminiscing about his life.
An archaeologist attempts to trade sand for a Golden Idol.
Two men are driving to school, in a minotaur.
A group of thieves successfully robs a bank, although only one makes it out alive.
A man and his dog take their red Mustang to go deer hunting.
A woman electronically saves a message, and blueprints, for a man who knew her father in a prior war.
Opening SceneMovie TitleDetails
A cowboy helps a town overcome a rotten potato.
A teenage boy is standing on an apparantly deserted road, in the middle of a storm. He then recieves a very old letter.
Two men are, 'Communicating...keeping up foreign relations...' with a Russian, from about 2 meters.
A helicopter destroys an American military base in Qatar.
A New York City cop is chasing down a man with very weird eyes. The eyes appear to blink sideways...
A man bungee jumps off a dam.

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