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1021Book of Optics
1242Pulmonary circulation and circulatory system
1543Heliocentric Model
1600Earth's Magnetic Field
1609First Two Laws of Planetary Motion
1662Boyle's Law
1687Law of Universal Gravitation
1751Lightning is Electrical
1778Discovery of Oxygen
1781Discovery of Uranus
1827Ohm's Law
1838All Plants are made of Cells
1842Doppler Effect
1848Absolute Zero of Temperature
1859Theory of Evolution
1869Periodic Table
1873Theory of Electromagnetism
1905Theory of Special Relativity
1906Third Law of Thermodynamics
1913Model of the Atom
1915Theory of General Relativity
1924Milky Way is just one of many Galaxies
1927Uncertainty Principle
1927Theory of the Big Bang
1928Dirac Equation
1929Expanding Universe
1943DNA is the Genetic Material of the Chromosome
1952First Polio Vaccine
1953Helical structure of DNA
1964Detection of CMBR (Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation)
1995Observation the First Extrasolar Planet
1998Expansion of the Universe is Accelerating
2001Human Genome

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