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Do the statements below apply to Croatia or Serbia? Type 'C' for Croatia and 'S' for Serbia.

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Which country...C or SAdditional Information
has a larger population?
has a higher life expectancy at birth?
has a larger percentage of population using cannabis (annually)?
has a capital city which has a name that translates to White City?
is home to the city of Dubrovnik?
is home of the Exit music festival?
has its capital located on the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers?
had a larger GDP per capita (2014)?
dedicated a larger percentage of GDP to education expenditures (2013)?
has a higher unemployment rate (2014)?
has a higher number of mobile phones (2012)?
had more international tourist arrivals in 2013?
Which country...C or SAdditional Information
is a member of the European Union?
has more UNESCO World Heritage sites?
has a female president?
has won the Eurovision Song Contest as an independent nation?
has won more Olympic medals?
earned 3rd place in 1998 FIFA World Cup?
was one of the filming locations for HBO's Game of Thrones?
is the home of the Nikola Tesla Airport?
has one of the largest Orthodox churches in the world, the Church of St. Sava?
is home of the alpine ski racer Janica Kostelić?
is home of the tennis player Novak Đoković?
was the first to have a McDonald's restaurant?

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