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Can you guess the missing animals in these idioms and expressions?

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IdiomMissing WordMeaning
Dark _____A relatively unknown candidate or competitor who unexpectedly wins or succeeds.
Lone ____A person who prefers to act or be alone.
As poor as a church _____Extremely poor.
Guinea ___A person or thing used as a subject for experiment.
Pull a ______ out of a hatTo surprise everyone by suddenly doing something that shows a lot of skill, often in order to solve a problem.
___ on the wallAn unnoticed observer of a particular situation.
Have ___________ in your stomachTo feel very nervous, usually about something you are going to do.
Let the ___ out of the bagAccidentally tell a secret.
Can of _____A situation that causes a lot of problems for you when you start to deal with it.
Run around like a headless _______To be very busy doing a lot of things, but in a way that is not very effective.
Take the ____ by the hornsTo confront a problem head-on and deal with it openly.
Kill two _____ with one stoneTo solve two problems at one time with a single action.
At a _____'s paceVery slowly.
The birds and the ____Sex and reproduction.
___ daysHot, sultry summer weather.
Eager ______Someone who is very enthusiastic; someone who works very hard.
Smell a ___To suspect that something is wrong.
____ in your pantsTo be agitated or excited about something and to not be able to keep still.
Get the ____'s shareGet the biggest part of something.
Black _____ (of the family)A person who has done something bad that brings embarrassment or shame to his/her family.

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