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50 Questions. 10 Minutes. Seven Hells, it won't be easy. But how well will you do?

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Who was the father of the Stark children?
Who was the King during season 1?
What position did Robert give to Ned?
Who was the sneaky fellow that helped Catelyn whilst in King's landing?
What was the dagger used to (try and) kill bran Stark made of?
Who did the dagger belong to once upon a time according to Petyr Baelish?
What is the actual name of the man referred to as 'The Spider'?
What was the name of the former Hand of the King who was Ned's friend?
What was the name of Daenerys' husband?
And what was the name of her brother?
What is the name of the Arryn's homeland castle?
What is the name of Walder Frey's bridge-built fort?
What was the name of the Battle where Stannis Baratheon tried to invade King's Landing?
Name one of Daenerys' dragons
What is the name of the Night's Watch's former Lord Commander and father of Jorah Mormont?
What is the name of Jon Snow's sword?
Sandor and Gregor belong to which house?
What is Gregor's nickname?
What is Sandor's nickname?
What is the name of the Sept where Ned Stark lost his head?
And what is the name of the man who killed Ned Stark?
Which king screamed, 'Burn them all!'
What was the name of the biggest dragon ever to exist in Westeros?
Where was Rhaegar Targaryen slain by Robert Baratheon?
Who is the Tyroshi that pledged his sword to Daenerys Targaryen?
What is the name given to the door in the Eyrie where Lysa was thrown from?
Where did Stannis Baratheon reside during the early seasons of the show?
What is the organisation that made Cersei commit the Walk of Atonement?
Whose name was given to them by the shortening of the words, 'Hold the Door'?
Who is the man that was First Ranger to the Night's Watch and has now returned to help Bran?
And who do people believe he is? (Mentioned in the books as riding on a horse in Night's Watch armour)
What is the name of Samwell's father?
What is the name of the boy who helped 'kill' Jon Snow and was subsequently hung by him? (No one liked the boy anyway)
What is the disease that is currently plaguing Jorah Mormont?
What legendary weapon was melted down to forge Widow's Wail and Oathkeeper?
Tommen Baratheon is currently the King of the Andals, the First Men and the what?
Westeros and...?
What is the name of the woman we saw in season 2 who was famous for her odd mask and advice? (Found in the city of Qarth)
Who are the men who adorn horned, golden masks and tried to kill Daenerys Targaryen?
Who is Margaery Tyrell's brother, who helped Renly Barathon in the bedroom?
And what do they call him?
What position does Pycelle have?
Who was Roose Bolton's second wife?
What is the name often given to the event where Joffrey Baratheon was murdered?
What is the name given to the leader of the Faith Militant?
Who is Daenerys' female advisor?
What is the Tarly's ancestral, Valyrian Steel blade named?
What is Brynden Tully's nickname?
The Tyrell's are the rulers of which Kingdom?
How old is Jon Snow in the first book, 'A Game of Thrones'

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