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50 questions. 10 minutes. Are you an average AC/DC fan, or are you a fanatic? take the quiz to find out!

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What is the band's best selling Album?
What is their most recent album?
What album came out just before Fly on the Wall, back in '83?
Who was AC/DC's original lead singer?
Who recently replaced Brian Johnson as lead singer?
Why did Brian have to leave?
Which film did AC/DC release a soundtrack for in 1986?
And the other released in 2010?
The song, Bedlam In Belgium was about a riot in which city?
What guitar does rock legend Angus Young play?
Malcom Young had to leave AC/DC because he had what illness?
'Runaway train, runnin' right...'
What did legend Bon Scott die of?
Who plays Bass in the band?
Where was AC/DC's first gig with Axl?
What is Axl's favourite AC/DC song?
According to 'Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap', Bon will sell you what? (One thing he mentions he can sell at the end of the song)
In which song was Brian, 'caught in a railroad track'?
The song is from which album?
There were rumours just before Stiff Upper Lip came out in 2000, that the new album was to be called what?
At Brian's first gig with AC/DC, which song did he perform the lyrics to twice, despite singing two different songs?
Which song begins the album Powerage
AC/DC: Live at...
Did Brian want you to blow up your radio, or video?
Which song's opening is a tribute to Bon Scott's death?
Which Back in Black song did the band think of not including, due to the circumstances of Bon's death?
The Jack is really about what?
The song, Whole Lotta Rosie is about a ___ Bon met backstage at one of his concerts
Angus is famous for wearing his costume of a what?
Their song, Big Gun was featured in which movie?
And which actor from that movie appeared in the song's music video?
In the album, Who Made Who, there are 2 instrumental tracks. Name one of them.
There is a track on For Those About to Rock, named Snowbound. True, or false?
Their new song, Play Ball, featured on Rock or Bust, is about what, according to Angus?
Which song typically ends the set list at their concerts?
And what ends this song?
What type of dance, created by Check Berry, is Angus famous for dong on stage?
According to Brian, she was a fast machine, but what did she keep clean?
Other than, 'Ballbreaker' and 'Hard As A Rock', give another song from their album, 'Ballbreaker'
Where did the band get their name from?
Which album cover first features the band's name in their traditional font?
According to Bon, Rock was made back in which year?
Bon says he will win in which city?
The album cover for Powerage features which band member on the front?
AC/DC have inspired many cover bands all over the world. One such one makes bluegrass covers. What is their name?
What does AC/DC actually stand for?
Brian Johnson was in a band before AC/DC, what was it's name?
Which country are the Young brothers from?
In which Aussie city is there a statue of Bon Scott?
What is the name of the former drummer of AC/DC who played with the band up until their Rock or Bust tour?

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