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Can you name the 3-Word AC/DC Song Titles?

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I hit the sack
Pull the trigger!
His friends are gonna be there too
Wake the dead!
Weighin' in at 19-stone!
Wild beast, make ya mine
Fightin' on the left, and Marchin' on the right
They owe this one to Stephen King
They be a guitar band
Get ready for the night-line!
Brian was out on a drive, a bit of a trip...
Ain't no one of them got, what Bon's lady, she got
He was so satisfied, deep down inside
He'll just keep on...
Turn your head to desire!
Aye, Aye, Oh!
Just tell the boys I'll be...
He's a wanted poster, a leading man
Cops in a rage, cryin' for more it was war, war, war
When I see a pretty woman, you know it gives me a thrill...
An Instrumental Piece
Call and Send in the...
Get it what?
Gonna get you hot and gonna get you shot

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