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Youngest Super Saiyan ever; turned so because he got wasted by a human.
The irony- can't reproduce but takes care of someone else's child for his entire life.
Lousy husband, lousier father, likes to fight and eat and is a nincompoop; quite the simpleton too.
Lives on an island with a pig and a turtle, is one of the foremost masters in martial arts and is also a lecherous drunkard. Then again, he's old.
Was undeniably awesome, went even further beyond and now he's washed up. Probably the biggest let- down in DragonBall.
Probably the biggest wimp in the history of martial arts, but is also the most famous person at the same time.
He likes to eat. That's probably why Goku invited him to a fight even though he was kinda evil.
Probably one of the most fearsome threats in her day, but was shown a light by none other than Dr. Bean Man.
Was on the wrong end of Self- Destruct.
Scrub got killed by a Saibaman. Ouch.
Was beaten unconscious by his mentor, who was killed brutslly by two teenagers who were exacted their share of revenge. Sad.
His third eye just exists. It doesn't do anything else.
Arguably the most badass antihero ever, now reduced to **** and giggles by his scientist wife.
He's the strongest human ever, he has a beautiful wife, a loving daughter and the most laughable jokes (competence inclusive). How then does he suck?
Beat his counterpart to prove a point to his sad excuse for a father.
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