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QUIZ: Can you name the actors who have played more than one character in Joss Whedon's shows?

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Characters PlayedActorShows
Faith Lehane, Echo
Caleb, Malcolm 'Mal' Reynolds, Captain Hammer
Winifred 'Fred' Burkle, Illyria, Dr. Claire Saunders
Jasmine, Zoƫ Washburne
Vi, Penny, Mag
Hoban 'Wash' Washburne, Alpha
D'Hoffryn, Dr. Ronald Meltzer, Dortmunder Captain
Badger, Tanaka
Marcus Hamilton, Jayne Cobb
Detective Winslow, Pam
Characters PlayedActorShows
Prima Ballerina, River Tam, Bennett Halverson
Weatherby, Spider Monster, Blue Glove Man #1
Holden Webster, Knox, Tracey
Mr. Newton, Sheriff Rand
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, Senator Daniel Perrin
Ken, Richard Straley, Lawrence Dobson
Groupie #1, Kilo
Dylan, Nate Jordan
Young Woman, Cindy Perrin
News Caster, Numfar, Man at Funeral (maybe)

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