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Coming out your mouth with your (song), Zip your lips like a padlock, and meet me in the back, With the jack and the jukebox.....Ke$ha
I see trouble coming man, well im coming back to a fork, sliding down a road, gonna lick 'em on down, were gonna run right out, well im living on a line.....AC/DC
Lashing out the action, returning the reaction, weak are ripped and torn away, hypnotyzing power crushing all that cower.....Metallica
Up out of there, Aint nuttin but a gangsta party, Pump that up G, ahh **** you done **** up now.....2Pac,Hint: You have to spell the song the way its writtin
I cant get a girl cause i aint got a car, i aint got a car cause i aint got a job, i aint got a job cause i aint got a car, so im looking for a girl with a job and a car.....Alice Cooper
The plan to take command of the whole family, through underhanded to be the man it was planned, all my road dawgz official mob figures love to act up, the first to bomb we rob nigg2Pac
Halls of justice, painted green, power wolves beset your door, here them stalkin.....Metallica
well the devil may care, you toss 'em back and be a man, with the last time, (song), end of it all end of the line.....AC/DC
If you like to gamble, ill tell you im your man, you win some, lose some, its all the same to me, the pleasure is to play, no matter what you say.....Motorhead
I used to be such a sweet, sweet thing, till they got a hold of me, i opened doors for little old ladies, i helped the blind to see.....Alice Cooper

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