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You say you feel so empty, that our house just aint a home,and im always somewhere else, and your always there alone......Double Platinum
Well its out of the frying pan and into the fire, your bent over baby and let me be the driver,a just a cut of pink, wouldnt believe me if i told you, but this time you bit off morAnimalize
You need my love baby, oh so bad, your not the only one ive ever had, and you say you want to set me free, dont you know you will be in misery, you know why.....Greatest Hits
I feel uptight on a saturday night, Nine O' Clock, the radio is the only light, i hear my song and it pulls me through, comes on strong, tell me what i got to do, i got to.....Alive IV
Though i know that you are sleeping, Girl, there is something i must say, Though the road may wind, My love will find the way, Many the miles have come between us, and the days theSingle
Lookin back yeah i feel alright,Gettin more than my expectations, yeah my future looks clear and bright, im livin up to my reputation.....Pshyco Circus
Tonight i wanna give it all to you, In the darkness there is so much i wanna do to you, and tonight i wanna lay it at your feet, cause girl i was made for you, and girl you were maGreatest Hits
I know just where you come from, where all your yesterdays are gone, and now your done, but you have only just begun, its time you opened up the door.....Pshyco Circus
Song linesAlbum
Its so sad living at home, far from the city and the midnight fun, its so bad going to school, so far from me and the dirty things that we do.....Alive IV
Baby gets tired everybody knows, your mother tells you baby has to show, Yeah yeah.....Alive
Dont want to wait until you know me better, Lets just be glad for the time together, lifes such a treat and its time you taste it, there aint a reason on earth to waste it, it aintAlive IV
I really love you baby, i love what youve got, lets get together, we can get hot, No more tommorow baby, time is today, girl i can make you feel okay.....Alive IV
You show us everything you got, you keep on dancin and the room gets hot, you drive us wild, well drive you crazy.....Singles
Well she walked up to me, and she asked me if i wanted to dance, she looked kinda nice, and so i said i might take a chance.....Love Gun
Make-up or break-up cause we have seen better days, (Yeah) They will have to drag you kickin and screamin off the stage, Listen dont do me favors dont show your face, Dont tell me Pshyco Circus

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