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Can you name the What Food will I Pursue?

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Apple or Orange
Strawberry or Cherry
Peach or Grape
Banana or Kiwi
Pineapple or Honeydew
Blueberry or Raspberry
Lemon or Mandarin
Grapefruit or Lime
Coconut or Watermelon
Passion Fruit or Dragon Fruit
Red Bell Pepper or Broccoli
Spinach or Lettuce
Tomato or Onion
Carrot or Beets
Cucumber or Zucchini
Brussel Sprouts or Peas
Asparagus or Green beans
Spring Onion or Avocado
Potato or Corn
Eggplant or Mushrooms
Tuna or Snapper
Trout or Salmon
Sardines or Mackerel
Shrimp or Lobster
Squid or Crab
Beef or Veal
Chicken or Lamb
Turkey or Kangaroo
Ant or Cricket
Deer or Rabbit
Basil or Oregano
Mint or Parsley
Rosemary or Thyme
Chives or Dill
Coriander or Tarragon
Hamburger or Pizza
Muffin or Donut
Popcorn or Waffle
Crêpe or Pancakes
Chocolat or Caramel Fudge
Marshmallow or Nougat
Chocolat Chip Cookie or Cookie Dough
Pastry or Scones
Ice Cream or Frozen Yoghurt
Croissant or Baguette
Beer or Whisky
Tea or Ice Tea
Limoncello or Malibu
Martini or Tequila
Wine or Armagnac

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