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'You've brought the cake-walk back into style...'
'Slap it till it's dizzy...'
'I've made me a fortune. That fortune made ten...'
'With or without the mistletoe, I'm in a holiday mood...'
'By all my sainted aunt believes...'
'Long ago, one fine day, some philosopher was heard to say...'
'We are out with Diamond Jims tonight...'
'When invited to dine, I can't eat without wine...'
'And he dresses far worse than Ted or Jim...'
'We slit 'em down the back and peppered 'em good...'
'The candles at the court, they never burned as bright...'
'There is no soap, no soap like Zaz No detergent, lotion, or oil with such power in the shower...'
'All I need is one good break, just one good break and mister, watch my speed!'
'Life is what you do while you're waiting to die...'
'But every time I take one in my arms, it starts...'

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