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What was the first model year for the Tesla Roadster?
What was the Tesla Model S codenamed during its preliminary research and development phase?
Which car was the first generation Tesla Roadster heavily based on?
Who is Tesla Motors named after?
Who co-founded Tesla Motors with Elon Musk? (Name one)
The Tesla Model S P100D w/Ludicrous+ is the 2nd fastest accelerating car in production but what speed can it do 0-60mph in seconds
In August 2017 Italian Tesla drivers set a distance record after driving Model S how many KM
What is the torque setting for a Model S wheel nut
What is the Tesla stock symbol?
What was the name Tesla wanted to call the Model 3
What is the name of Tesla's first factory?
Tesla have Bio-Weapon-Defence Mode (HEPA filter) but what does HEPA stand for
How much did Elon Musk invest in Tesla? in $
When was Elon's 'Secret Tesla Motors Master Plan' annouced
What does UMC stand for?
Tesla Powerwall is a battery solution for homes and offices but what is the name of the commercial product?
The Tesla UMC shouldn't be submerged in water, what is the IP rating of the UMC?
What is the name of the Tesla adapter that gives you access to 780 (August 2017) rapid chargers in the UK?
What was the company that Tesla acquired on November 17, 2016?
Can you boil a kettle whilst charging your Tesla?

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