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Can you name the characters from their Death Card quotes in Danganronpa V3?

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QuoteCharacterCard Rarity
The impossible is possible, all you gotta do is make it so!S
I will guide you all! That much, I promise.U
Feel free to begin calling me the Ultimate Perfection.N
Nyahahahaha! How divine!S
I will face the truth…for everyone.U
Working together to fulfill our dreams has made me so happy…U
Whatever! I just wanna throw the ball around a little!U
'Selfless devotion' is my principle as a maid.U
No bad person love bugs.S
If there's someone strong worth fightin', I'll fight.U
I'm just happy that someone like me could make someone else happy!S
Perhaps we'll meet again, in another life.U
I'm _____! HAIYAH! The Ultimate Aikido Master!N
Hurry up and bring me what I asked for, swine!S
Life is worth putting every ounce of effort into it!S
This is the talent of the Ultimate Cosplayer!S
I'm not so stupid that I'd waste my life.U
I'm not suspicious… Pleased to meet you!N
We believe in our future…U
Back and forth… Wherever there's hope, there's always despair.S
Hiii! I'm Junko Enoshima. Charmed, I'm sure!N
I'm gonna live life facing forward!U
That's how a soul brother should act!S
If anything happens, I'll protect most of you!S
There are times when swords must be drawn.S
I have gone to battle and emerged victorious.S
I don't like kids that much.N
A sword-based sneak attack!S
That's right, I am a squeezably soft stuffed animal.S
Hellooooo? Your tension is super low!N
Name's _____. Nice to ****' meetcha.N
I'm squishing lots of Mr. Ants.N
I'll put in the effort so everyone can trust me.U
The god of my island, Atua, is always with me…N
Please let me know if you require my service.N
All roads lead to managers…S
I'm not my brother's little sister!N
Your blatant robophobia is simply inexcusable!S
The name _____ will one day rule this world!N
No, that's wrong! (Danganronpa 2)S
I just wanted to cook for someone important to me.U
Yeah, yeah… Just shut up already, loser…S
Because you believed in me, another path opened up.U
As long as people have despair in their hearts… I will appear!N
Y-You vicious little…!S
Friendship between men is stronger than blood!U
The memory of all of us together…U
I'm the gorgeous girl genius with a golden brain!N
Fanfic can connect people to a shared dream.U
I will show you the truth!S
I've been held back a few times… It's a long story.N
I'm the Ultimate Soldier… Nice to meet you.U
I'm the Ultimate Lucky Student… At least, that's what they say.N
QuoteCharacterCard Rarity
For now, I'm the Ultimate Detective…N
Creation… Fate is telling me to remake the world!U
I'm _____. I'll be counting on you from now on.N
_____ wants to save everyone!U
Train your heart by crying, laughing, and venting your anger!U
After I try my best…to become strong… Then I can tell everyone.U
I'm gonna take a picture! All right, say 'cheeeeeeeeese!'S
You must get along and strengthen your bonds with each other!S
No, that's wrong! (Danganronpa 1)S
I'm known as a magician, but I am actually…a mage.N
I wouldn't mind if you invited me along. Hmhm…S
My plan is to conquer the world with punk!S
By meeting people and making memories, hope is born.S
One final battle between hope…and despair!S
Video games are my hobby and I'm a fan of all genres.N
I'm _____... Oh? He's already here?N
I'm drawing a line, right here and now.S
I…am _____. 'The Alpha and the Omega!'N
Atua is always right.U
Giving in to despair never even crossed my mind.U
I can only move forward and try to claim that title for myself.U
I'll never forget you guys, or the others!U
Despite my looks, I'm your teacher. Nice to meet you!N
Nyeeeh… What a pain.S
Nice to meet you…I'm _____.N
Truly, this is the secret art of the _____ Empire!S
It's morning! Good nom-nom-nomming!S
Dun dada duuun! The Cinderella of Slaying is here!U
No matter what, a real man ALWAYS keeps his promises.U
Well…you definitely weren't boring.U
I'm _____. But my friends just call me _____. 'Sup?N
Yo! The name's _____! Nice to meetcha!N
Alright! I'm gonna go do some push-ups in my room!S
Sorry, I get kinda embarrassed whenever I introduce myself…N
I'm the Ultimate Pianist. Nice to meet you.N
I refuse to give up. To get bored! To throw it all away!U
N-Not that you'll remember my n-name anyway, but…N
You called for me, and so I appear! Dun-da-da dunnn!N
Hoo-yeah! I ****' rule!U
I don't plan to act friendly and **** with you guys.N
In cooking and love, passion is the most important ingredient!S
Um… From the bottom of my heart, I hope we can get along.N
Let's work together on our educational crusade!N
I am a foreign exchange student from a small kingdom called Novoselic.N
Those who lack talent are insignificant.U
I'll try to meet your expectations so you don't hate me!S
I was thinking…at a time like this, what would Sakura do?U
I feel despair upon despair and despair toward despair…U
…Ah, how boring.N
I'm the Ultimate Mechanic. Nice to meet ya.N
A-All my life, nobody…even tried to trust me.U
If you just do it, things will turn out okay!U
_____ wanna become true gentleman!N
QuoteCharacterCard Rarity
As long as I am a tool…I am fully prepared to die.U
If you don't mind, I would prefer for you to call me _____.N
Now then, will you battle against me?S
We're gonna work together! Okay!?S
Then…there is no way we can stop now!U
I'm the Ultimate Cosplayer!N
Hi, I'm _____. I look forward to getting to know you!N
It wasn't a choice…I was born a detective.N
Yo! The name's _____. What's up?N
Even if it seems impossible…just persevere.S
All aspects of humanity - even the ugly parts - are beautiful.N
Even I possess a talent as boring as luck.S
Hmph… You've still got a ways to go.S
My inner voice is telling me…'Hope moves forward.'U
I might be telling another lie.S
There's a lotta strong dudes in this world, huh?S
In response to your spirit…I shall kill you with all of my might!U
To transcend all that is truly what love is all about!U
Love and justice will win the day!U
Yes, the one I love lives inside me. My dearest Sister.U
Bro, that was cool as ****!S
But could you guys call me the Ultimate Chef instead?N
Even after I'm gone…my wish will still be here.U
Heaven sent me to live as its champion.N
I'll make sure to invite you the next time I perform.U
There's no way to think about this in a common sense kinda way.S
I'm _____, Luminary of the Stars!N
My name is _____. It is nice to meet you.N
I only cosplay fictional characters.U
Ever since I was a kid, I've admired Hope's Peak Academy…N
I don't get sick of talking to you, like I do most people.S
To live is to hurt other people.S
If there is no bread, let them eat cake!S
I yearn for a powerful hope that can overcome any despair!U
I will stick with my evil until the very end!U
I'm the rightful heir of the _____ Clan.S
Do you want to die?S
So put your hands together for…'From Me to You'!U
It was my dream to make 100 friends.S
Delusions let you fall in l-love as much as you want!S
I can't stand on my own if she keeps treating me like a child!U
I am _____, the Ultimate Robot! Call me _____!N
Alright! At long last, it's _____ time!N
Now, let's give it everything we've got! It's punishment time!S
I'm just the supreme leader of an evil secret organization.N
Well, I'll do my best to live up to your expectations.S
Life's purpose is to be lived!U
Looove… Looove…U
I am _____...and I am your…headmaster!U
I'm…the empty shell of the Ultimate Tennis Pro.N
I'm going to end this game.U
I can't bet everyone's lives on a self-righteous deduction!S

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