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I showed up in Smallville in 2004. It took me awhile but I now have my farmboy
I'm a reporter but superhero by night
I used to have a drinking problem but someone showed me a better path in life
I'm put the dumb blonde theory to shame.
I'm not in a lot of episodes...but I'm adorable
I can run to Mexico and back with the taco still in tack in less than a minute
I've left and came back to Smallville so many times that even I've lost count
I'm supposedly dead but we all know that you can't kill the villain of the story
I died by being pushed out of a building by my own flesh and blood
I was killed right after being elected senator due to my heart problems
I've been in Washington for sometime now but a return is possible
I arrived in 2008. You can't trust me because you never know what I may do
I died in 2009 and I wasn't even who I said I was
I also died in 2009 and I had multiple personalities
I left in 2004 because it was too hard for me to live in Smallville anymore
I love the water and fish and I can beat you in a swimming race any day
I have a cute persona but if you make me mad I sure know when to bring it

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