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AFull name of the real villain of the story
BVillain that was introduced as Milton Fine
CLois's cousin
DThe building where Lois and Clark work at
EActress that plays Lois Lane
FAn ice 'castle' where Clark can talk to his real father
GLois's father's job title
HLex lost this in the meteor shower
IThe company Lana founded which Chloe took over when she left
JActor that played Lionel Luthor
KThe planet Clark is from
LClark Kent's former girlfriend
MClark Kent's Adoptive Mother
NEpisode where Smallville is mostly shot in black and white
OThe identity of the Green Arrow
PWhere Jor-el sent evil Kryptonains
QOliver's company
RThe kryptonite that turns Kryptonians evil
SWhere many of the characters went to school
TLionel Luthor's daughter
ULois does a lot of this kind of work and when doing this she wears a variety of outfits
VWhere the show is filmed
WLana's boyfriend in highschool
XOne of Clark's powers
YLois says this to Clark when he asks her to marry him
ZClark Kent's Kandorian enemy

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