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Can you name the appearances of various Harry Potter characters?

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What color hair does Dudley have?SS/PS
What color are Hermione's eyes?SS/PS
What color are most of Hedwig's feathers?SS/PS
What color hair do the Weasleys have?SS/PS
What is almost always present in Dumbledore's eyes?SS/PS
What color are Dumbledore's eyes?SS/PS
Who has a similar physique (not facial features) to Fred and George's?GoF
What color is Sirius' hair?PoA
What is the color of Harry's hair? (Because Harry is rather hairy)SS/PS
What creature is Harry rumoured to have a tattoo of on his chest?HBP
What is Harry's hair always like, no matter what he does to it?SS/PS
What is the shape of Harry's eyes?SS/PS
What color is Luna's hair?OotP
What color are Luna's eyes?OotP
What type of hairstyle does McGonagall use?SS/PS
What color are Harry's eyes?SS/PS
Who has always been the tallest out of Harry's friends?SS/PS
What color are Sirius' eyes?JKR
What are one set of Luna's earrings made from?OotP
Which male Weasleys have long hair?GoF
What animal does Petunia's neck remind people of?SS/PS
What kind of teeth does Hermione have prior to Malfoy's 'densaugeo' spell?SS/PS
What animal does Umbridge remind Harry of?OotP
What do all the Weasleys have on their faces that is not on Harry's face?SS/PS
What color was Dumbledore's hair before it turned white and silver?HBP
Who has the same eyes Harry has?SS/PS and DH
What color are Ron's eyes?HBP
What color are Snape's eyes?SS/PS
What color is Lily's hair?SS/PS
What is it about Snape's hair that makes people tease him?SS/PS
What color are James' eyes?OotP
What type of hair does Hermione have?SS/PS
What color is Fleur's hair?GoF
Who does Harry look almost exactly alike?SS/PS
Who does Andromeda look like?DH
What does Harry's other scar (not lightning bolt) say?HBP
What type of glasses does Dumbledore have?SS/PS
What does Charlie have on his arms?GoF

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