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What is Hermione's full name?
When is Hermione's birthday? (day month)
What are her parents' jobs?
What color are her eyes?
What is the state of her hair?
Hermione's wand is made of what wood, with what core? (wood, core)
What House was she Sorted into?
What House was she almost Sorted into?
Who are her two best friends?
What two subjects did she do poorly in? (only need one)
Which teacher did Hermione have a crush on?
Who were the only teachers she did not respect? (only need one)
Who did she go to the Yule Ball with?
What form does her Patronus take?
What did Hermione suggest about the Half-Blood Prince that Ron and Harry laughed at, but she was right about? (one word)
What did Hermione recieve from Dumbledore from his will?
What is the first spell Hermione performed (in front of Harry and Ron)?
Who was Petrified at the same time and place Hermione was?
Who did she slap in defense of Hagrid?
What spell did Hermione teach Harry that pointed his wand north?
What word, formed in pimples, appeared on Marietta Edgecombe's forehead when she betrayed the D.A., due to the spell Hermione placed on the member list?
What spell did Hermione use against Ron after he kissed Lavender at the party?
What are the names of Ron and Hermione's children?
Which Department at the Ministry of Magic did Hermione first work in?
What were the names that Hermione gave her parents after she Obliviated them?

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