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Can you name the characters from Harry Potter by their Facebook status?

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Facebook StatusCharacterPeople Who Like It
I wonder if Stubby Boardman will ever admit that he's Sirius Black.
Why can't anyone ever get my bloody name right?
I will be signing autographs at the Leaky Cauldron at noon on Sunday!
I'm too scared to tell my wife this in person, but my best friend and I have decided to turn the backyard into a Quidditch pitch.
If anyone wants to visit, watch your step. I think I've misplaced my Fanged Geranium.
Someone thought it'd be funny to hide my glasses while I was sleeping. Not only have I find my glasses again, but I've gotten revenge by hiding their favorite Chudley Cannon shirt.
Got tickets to the Weird Sisters, only to realize the concert's during a full moon. Now who am I going to ask?
My wife just yelled at me for getting everyone comtupers that work with magic.
Why can't I use the old methods of punishment? I like hanging students by the toes.
Facebook StatusCharacterPeople Who Like It
I just know I've failed all my N.E.W.T.s, and the only thing my so-called friends can talk about is the newest Firebolt.
My sister just sent me a coupon for a Muggle thrift store, since I'm 'unemployed.' Question: should I turn her into a frog?
Someone put a dungbomb in my pocket when I wasn't looking, and set it off in the middle of my date with Audrey. If anyone sees Fred and George, please let me know.
I'm afraid I've lost my bag of lemon drops. If anyone finds them, feel free to take a few, but beware: it may also contain some Cockroach Clusters.
You-Know-Who is incredibly rude. Really, if you're going to take my life away, at least spare me my dignity by not calling me a spare.
Apparently, Muggles think I look 'smashing' on Halloween. Perhaps they're not so bad... Or perhaps I'll kill them for thinking my face is a hideous mask.
What the devil!? Now those freaks have infiltrated the internet! Boy, I know you're responsible for this. See if I ever let you into my house again!
Oi, fat walrus. See if I let you get away with talking to my godson like that. Know what it's like to be bitten in the arse by a giant dog? Want to find out?
HA! You thought you got rid of me, Olive Hornby, but you didn't. I'm cyber-haunting you this time!

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