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ATitle and main character of a novel written by Tolstoy
BFrench poet, best known for 'Les fleurs du mal'.
CThe stories sung by medieval French troubadours
DIn this epic Dante descends in hell, and ascends to heaven
ETwo works, one poetic the other in prose, about Norse mythology
FProbably the most famous poetic work by Goethe
GEstragon and Vladimir are waiting for him in this play by Beckett
HFor someone who maybe didn't even exist, he did a great job of starting Western literature
IHis 'Etymologiae' (or 'Origines'), written in late Antiquity, were an epitome of classical knowledge
JWhile conquering Gaul, he still found time to write his memoires
KHe's proof that one can write an ode to melancholy or an urn, and still be famous.
LThis is stolen in the mock-heroic by Alexander Pope
MHumanistic essay in which Folly praises itself
NThis is what the main character in this book by Sartre feels
OThe only surviving ancient Greek tragic trilogy
PA group of French Renaissancepoets, most famously Ronsard and Du Bellay
QA fictional Spanish don, famous for fighting windmills
RThe real name of Alcofybras Nasier, who wrote about the giants Pantagruel and Gargantua
SThe dominant type of poem after the Middle Ages; Petrarca and Shakespeare had their own.
THe wrote 'Gerusalemme Liberata'
UAn epic voyage set entirely in Dublin(?)
VConsidered the greates Roman poet by many
WHe translated the Bible to Gothic
XThe amount of syllables in a hendecasyllable, in Roman numerals
YAn early 20th century Irish poet, dramatist and Nobel Prize winner
ZFrench writer, known for 'Les Rougon-Macquart' and 'J'accuse!'

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