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Can you name the facts about the origins of the Cold War?

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The first Allied Conference at which Stalin was present; 1943
The alliterative Operation ______ was finalised at the above Conference
The next Conference that saw the Big Three meet was in ______
Here it was agreed that democratic elections would be held in _______
The final Allied Conference of WWII
This man replaced the late President at the above conference; he was far less tolerant of Stalin's hijinks
At the Conference, the USA had this secret weapon 'of unusually destructive force' up their sleeve
As soon as Germany surrendered, the US immediately stopped helping the USSR with this war time aid
The US was eager to keep military expenditures and investments high to prevent another fiasco like this one in 1929
The 'complex' that was a major driving force behind the USA's economic interests
A term used in reference to countries that were not aligned to the USA or the USSR; the _____ world
This message was sent from the US embassy in Moscow to Washington in 1946; it asserted that the Russians understood force and force alone - reasoning with them was useless
Churchill gave this speech in 1946, declaring that an 'Iron Curtain' had descended over the continent
There was a Communist coup in this country in 1948, prompting the speedy adoption of the Marshall Plan
This organisation was the Communist analogue to the Marshall Plan
US foreign policy at the start of the Cold War shifted from one of cooperation to one of __________
Stalin created this Communist state after Truman refused to let him take reparations from Germany
Stalin sent no aid to the Communist party of this warring country; the American-backed nationalists won
In this incident, the Soviets cordoned all land routes to ______, hoping to become the sole suppliers of goods to the whole city
In 1949 this organisation was set up to prevent Communism from spreading further in Europe
Stalin fell out with this Yugoslav because he went against Stalin's wishes, helping the Greek Communists
Members of the Truman administration decried Soviet foreign policy as _________, as the Soviets acquired many territories following WWII
A lot of Revisionist ideas are based on the works of this historian

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