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Can you name the facts about the Cold War: 1979-1991?

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This Neo-Conservative came to power in the US in 1981
In Britain, this ultra-Conservative Prime Minister came to power in 1979
Brezhnev died in 1982, having been plagued by heart problems throughout the late '70s; he was replaced by this man
Following the death of the old and sickly successor to Brezhnev, yet another old man was made leader of the USSR
Reagan kicked off the 'Second Cold War' and brought a return to this costly 'race', claiming that 'the only way to end the Cold War was to win it'
This relative youngster of 54 years old succeeded Chernenko, ending the so-called Gerontocracy - 'rule of the old'
Russian for 'restructuring', this policy of Gorbachev's attempted to better meet the needs of Soviet consumers
Russian for 'openness', this promised a transparent government with freedom of information for all
Proposed by Reagan in 1983, this idea involved using ground and space-based defence systems to protect the US from nuclear attack
This US strategy promised to provide aid to anti-Communist movements
The above strategy led to US support for the Contras of this Central American nation
The Reagan Administration persuaded Arabian companies to increase production of this vital commodity
Reagan and Gorbachev met in 1985 in this city to discuss the arms race
The pair next met here, in the capital of a Northern-European country
In 1986 this nuclear power plant in Ukraine exploded
In 1987, Reagan visited West Berlin and gave a speech ordering Gorbachev to _______
In 1989, the USSR pulled out of the war in this nation
The 'Autumn of Nations' began with this country in 1989, as reforms swept over the Eastern Bloc
This trade union was instrumental in the Polish Revolution of 1989
This Polish-born Pope played a large role in inspiring the Polish Revolution

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