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Can you name the facts about the Cold War and the Post-Stalin Thaw, 1953-62?

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This former US Army General became President in 1953
The idea that the US should work to ________ Communism emerged during this period
In 1956, Khrushchev shocked the Twentieth Party Congress by denouncing Stalin and announcing a policy of _____________
The ideas of 'massive retaliation' and 'Brinkmanship' were put forth by this man
Eisenhower coined this 'complex' term to refer to the US Military and its influence over American policy and industry
The public face of the Red Scare, this man targeted government, military and civilian organisations, claiming to have evidence of Communist infiltration
At least one of these was constructed every day during the Eisenhower administration
With the dawn of MAD, Khrushchev thought that _______ could carry on until the eventual fall of Capitalism
In 1960, Francis Gary Powers was shot down in this reconnaissance aircraft over Soviet airspace
This country was unified under a neutral banner in 1955; it was ignored until then because the powers wanted to sort out Germany first
Formed in 1955 as a Communist analogue to NATO; also gave the Russians an excuse to put troops in Hungary, where trouble was brewing
The 1956 Hungarian Revolution saw this man overthrown and a new government take his place for 21 days
In 1959, this man visited the USA, remarking alongside Eisenhower that the most important issue in the world was general disarmament
In 1961 this President ordered for fall-out shelters to be built and stocked with supplies
The mass exodus of young minds and able bodies from East Germany was given this name
In 1961, at Checkpoint _______ in Berlin, American and Soviet tanks faced each other in a standoff, each with orders to fire if fired upon
This nation turned Communist in 1959; the USSR was able to obtain an alliance soon afterwards
This man was a leading member of the revolution in Cuba alongside Fidel Castro
Eisenhower formulated a plan to invade this bay; Kennedy assumed the Presidency and went ahead with it in 1961
Fearing another US attack on Cuba, the USSR sent troops and this type of missile to help Castro
To prevent another close shave like the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Hotline was established, as well as this restriction placed on Nuclear testing
The brainchild of Tito, this organisation was established in 1961 to unite the Third World against imperialism from both East and West
In 1953, Mohammed Mossadegh, Prime Minister of ____, was overthrown by the CIA (and he wasn't a Communist)
In 1954, the CIA led another coup in this Central American nation to depose Jacobo Arbenz Guzman, a Communist leader
In 1956, President Nasser of Egypt nationalised this canal, causing Israel, Britain and France to invade and try to take control

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