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In 1968, Czechoslovakia saw a brief period of reforms and liberalisation known as the ________
This Soviet policy dictated that when Socialism in any country was in danger from Capitalist forces, all Socialist nations had to assist
Following this 1968 Viet Cong campaign in the Vietnam War, many in the US were convinced that the war was fruitless and unwinnable
In 1970, this Marxist was legitimately elected President of Chile
Leader of China from 1949-76, this man remained a die-hard Stalinist until he kicked the bucket
During the Chinese Civil War in the 1940s, Stalin supported this faction rather than the CPC
In 1950, Mao met Stalin in Moscow and agreed to the Sino-Soviet Treaty of _______
In 1962, Mao criticised Khrushchev for his withdrawal from this tense standoff with the US
In 1966 Mao initiated this movement to remove Capitalist elements of Chinese society
In 1969 there was fight between Soviet and Chinese troops over this small island in the Ussuri River
An 'underground city' was built underneath this Chinese city for use in the event off a nuclear attack by Russia
All of these factors led to Mao seeking a rapprochement with the US; Nixon sent this right-hand man to China to negotiate
Willy Brandt became Chancellor of West Germany in 1969, bringing with him this policy of cooperation and compromise
Following the Sino-Soviet split, this European Communist nation allied with China, not the USSR
China was allied with the Khmer Rouge, the ruling party of this asian nation until 1979
In 1972 these talks were held between the US and USSR; they agreed to limit nuclear weapons
In 1965, President Johnson sent 42,000 US troops to this Caribbean nation
In this very short war of 1967, Israel took territories from Egypt, Jordan and Syria
This Arab-Israeli conflict in 1973 saw Egypt and Syria regain lands lost to Israel years before
In 1973, this organisation quadrupled the price of oil
Civil war broke out in this country in 1978; the Communist regime was losing the fight, so the USSR invaded in 1979 to assist

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