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Which dual-type Pokemon is weak to both its own types?
What is Palkia’s catch rate?
Which Gen I glitch Pokemon has a Hex number of 255?
What level do Pokemon obtained by the Mew glitch usually appear at?
Name the item in G/S which when given to Kurt gets you a GS Ball (JP only)?
The Red/Blue glitch Pokemon equivalent of 3TrainerPoke is...?
How many moves were there in Gen II?
What was the first Pokemon ever created?
What is the chance of encountering a wild Pokemon with Pokerus?
What is the maximum number of EVs a pokemon can have?
Adamant nature increases which stat?
What level is Red’s Snorlax in Gen II?
Complete this Gen 1 trainer quote: “I saw your feat...” (3 words)
What is the name of the default trainer at the Trainer House?
Route 39 shares its background music with which other route?
The two Pokemon required to access the Regis are...?
Which two Pokemon in Gen 1 share the exact same cry?
What easter egg is hidden near the SS Anne?
Mr. Pokemon’s house in Gen 2 shares the music for which city?
Most of the cities in Kanto in Gen 2 use the music track for the radio show called...?
What TM move is found in Mt. Moon in Gen 1?
Torterra can only learn Wood Hammer in D/P by...?
Red Pokeblocks/Poffins boost which contest stat?
Lance uses two Pokemon with illegal moves (as of Gen 2). What are these Pokemon and what are the illegal moves?
Which kind of berry can be found on Mirage Island?
The Pokemon with the highest base HP stat is...?
On which days can you battle your rival at Indigo Plateau in Gen 2?
Which is the Deceiver Pokemon?
Celebi shares the index number for which move, used in the Celebi Egg Trick?
What action will cause a Pokemon to dislike you the most?
Which Water pokemon takes the longest of all Pokemon to reach Level 100?
Which move is identical to Aeroblast, apart from type?
Who are the interviewer and cameraman that can be battled multiple times in Hoenn?
Which Pokemon evolves based on its Personality Value?
How many different layouts does the Trick House have?
If the player beats Blue in Oak’s Lab and Route 22 in Pokemon Yellow, his Eevee will evolve into...?
Name a Pokemon that can only be obtained on a Friday.
What is the Paras family’s signature move?
The glitch Pokemon ‘M has a variation of which Legendary’s cry?
Which event item is needed to get Shaymin?

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