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Forced Order
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Out here we lie together / Outside the thunder gathers
If you only see the stars when it's dark / That's enough for me
Piercing the senses that click deep in the night
For the world keeps turning underneath my feet / I go on with the lies
Cover it up in ivory cool / My logic fails with a winter fools
A rust storm on the northern seas / A dust storm on the skills
All bound for miracle land today
I'm not expecting to grow flowers in a desert / But I can live and see the sun in wintertime
For endless hours the sirens wail / Await the tide that brings the sail
With the spirit of the people who light a fire in the wind
I had a chill in my heart / Like the start of the winter
How will I know if it's not like the first time / How will I know if this is the one
All of history
I was dreaming / Of a new day dawning / With the Monday morning / Running in my eyes
We are waiting in a forest / Deep and dark behind the wall / What is hidden in our hearts?
Cardinals, sinners and saints / In this world we're all the same
I dreamed you felt the typhoon spit / And walked into the heart of it
The cloud grew high as I hid a tear / For the weapon of peace was the tool of fear
That's how it is when your first name's lone/ Keep on the track, hey don't look back
I was not born into this time / To cleave the soil or work the mine
(Bonus) All the boys are innocent

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