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Playable CharacterChapterHint
Ethan MarsThe first chapter of a story
Ethan MarsFind Jayson
Ethan MarsFollow Shaun`s schedule
Scott ShelbyInterview Lauren
Norman JaydenSearch for clues by the railroad
Ethan MarsTalk to the psychiatrist
Ethan MarsPlay on the Carousel
Ethan MarsLook for your son
Norman JaydenSet up office at police HQ
Scott ShelbyTalk to the shopkeeper
Madison PaigeIntruders in your apartment
Ethan MarsAvoid the press
Ethan MarsFind the right locker
Ethan MarsOpen the box
Norman JaydenPolice brief
Norman JaydenThe guy with all the crosses
Scott ShelbyThe woman in the bathtub
Ethan MarsThe first task
Madison PaigeMadison meets Ethan
Norman JaydenChasing Korda
Scott ShelbyLauren joins you
Scott ShelbySpoiled rich guy
Ethan MarsThe second task
Madison PaigeHeal Ethan`s wounds
Norman JaydenGrace tells you about Ethan
Norman JaydenInterview the psychiatrist
Playable CharacterChapterHint
Scott ShelbyA talk with Kramer
Ethan MarsThe third task
Madison PaigeEscape in the subway
Norman JaydenPlay the piano
Norman JaydenHelp Ethan escape
Scott ShelbyThe typewriter store
Ethan MarsThe fourth task
Madison PaigeThe creepy surgeon
Norman JaydenSearch for clues at the junkyard
Scott ShelbyA breakthrough with Lauren
Scott ShelbyLook for Jack Sheppard`s grave
Scott SheppardFlashback
Scott ShelbyKramer comes to the cemetery
Madison PaigeThe nightclub
Norman JaydenSearch for clues in the nightclub
Ethan MarsEscape the cops at the motel
Scott ShelbyGet out of the car
Scott ShelbyGo after Kramer
Madison PaigeOrigami`s mother
Ethan MarsThe fifth task
Norman JaydenLast chance to crack the case
Scott ShelbyThe end of the partnership
Scott SheppardFlashback two
Scott ShelbyThe big reveal
Madison PaigeSurvive the fire
Ethan Mars, Madison Paige, Norman JaydenRescue Shaun!

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