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Down + B (Wii-Fit Trainer)
Up + B (Pikachu)
Down + B (Duck Hunt)
Neutral + B (Diddy Kong)
Neutral + B (Young Link)
Up + B (Sheik)
Up + B (Lucina)
Neutral + B (Bowser Jr.)
Side + B (Luigi)
Down + B (Lucas)
Up + B (Pit)
Side + B (Captain Falcon)
Neutral + B (Ganondorf)
Up + B (Roy)
Side + B (Mario)
Side + B (Fox)
Neutral + B (Meta Knight)
Neutral + B (Dark Pit)
Down + B (Greninja)
Neutral + B (Jigglypuff)
Neutral + B (Ivysaur)
Neutral + B (Ike)
Side + B (Mii Brawler)
Up + B (Snake)
Neutral + B (Sonic)
Side + B (Peach)
Side + B (Zelda)
Side + B (Charizard)
Up + B (Mii Gunner)
Down + B (Link)
Down + B (Donkey Kong)
Down + B (Wario)
Side + B (Villager)
Neutral + B (King Dedede)
Side + B (Kirby)
Down + B (PacMan)
Neutral + B (Shulk)
Neutral + B (Captain Olimar)
Down + B (Pichu)
Neutral + B (Ice Climbers)
Side + B (Yoshi)
Down + B (Falco)
Side + B (Samus)
Up + B (Ness)
Up + B (Wolf)
Neutral + B (Mii Swordfighter)
Side + B (Robin)
Neutral + B (Mega Man)
Up + B (Mr. Game and Watch)
Side + B (R.O.B.)
Neutral + B (Dr. Mario)
Neutral + B (Bowser)
Neutral + B (Little Mac)
Up + B (Rosalina)
Down + B (Mewtwo)
Side + B (Toon Link)
Down + B (Zero Suit Samus)
Down + B (Palutena)
Neutral + B (Lucario)
Down + B (Marth)
Up + B (Squirtle)

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