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Forced Order
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How old are Kaneda and Tetsuo at the beginning (and end) of the movie?
What is the name of the new metropolis created after World War III?
When did World War III occur in the movie?
What year does the film take place?
What is the name of the biker gang Kaneda leads?
Who causes Tetsuo's bike to explode?
Name one of the stickers on Kaneda's bike.
What's the name of the rival biker gang in the film?
Who is Kaneda's love interest?
Who is Tetsuo's love interest?
Who is the last member of the biker gang (besides Kaneda) that is seen towards the end of the movie?
Which member of the biker gang does Tetsuo kill?
Who is the Colonel who abducts Tetsuo and controls the army?
Who is the leader of the anti-government group?
What is the weapon Kaneda picks up to fight against Tetsuo?
How many children test subjects did the government perform telekinetic experiments on?
Who was known as subject #25?
Who was known as subject #26?
Who was known as subject #27?
Who was known as subject #28?
Who's power is about equal to that of Akira?
Who accidentally gets caught in the explosion made by Akira?
What are the final words uttered at the end of the movie?
FINAL QUESTION: What can be read on the back of Kaneda's jacket in the manga?

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