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QUIZ: Can you name the ABC's Selfie Characters by the clues given?

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Forced Order
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Character ClueAnswer (Character's Name)
Loves baby urine according to the main girl character, went to the Urine-versity of Southern Bladder-fornia (main guy character's lady-boy)
Accidentally tagged himself as the bedpan in main girl character's hospital pic, Main character's coach & friend
Works at the front desk of KinderKare Pharmaceuticals, owns a temperature-controlled wig room
Main guy character's assistant, wants the rights to the 'Blorkel'-blanket snorkel
KinderKare boss' right hand gal, Sucked the life out of Pharmaceuti-con last year
Can't sleep without his bedtime nuggets
Not 'butt anymore', has roughly 300,000 followers
Boss at KinderKare Pharmaceuticals
Strange co-worker and friend of main guy character
Hipster neighbor of main girl character
Main girl character's boy toy

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