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The title 'The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn' is taken from which book?
'The Dark Side Of The Moon' was released in what year?
What kind of guitar is David Gilmour's most famous guitar?
What was Pink Floyd's first single?
Syd Barrett's real first name was what?
What was Roger Waters' last album with Pink Floyd?
Who designed the crossed hammers for 'The Wall'?
What was Pink Floyd originally named?
Pink Floyd played at which underground club on its' opening night in 1966?
Which art design group created many of Pink Floyd's album covers?
The lyrics of 'Echoes' describe what kind of scene?
What album had both Gilmour and Barrett on it?
'The Dark Side Of The Moon' was on the Billboard 200 charts for how many weeks?
Who did Waters accuse of stealing a part of the song 'Echoes'?
'Pigs On The Wing' contains a guitar solo by whom?
Where did Pink Floyd perform an 'anti-Woodstock'?
What 1969 film did Pink Floyd write a soundtrack to?
Where did Dave Gilmour perform with Roger Waters in May 2011?
'Animals' is based on what book?
How many parts does 'Shine On You Crazy Diamond' have?
What is the name of Dave gilmour's boat?
What animal is on the cover of 'Atom Heart Mother'?
What are the lyrics for 'One Of These Days'?
Dave Gilmour's current guitar strap was once owned by which guitarist?
How many Pink Floyd studio albums have come out since Waters left?
What building is on the cover of the 'Animals' album?
Who was the engineer of 'The Dark Side Of The Moon'?
What audience action caused Waters to halt the concert performance in Montreal in 1977?
What electronic organ did Wright help popularize?
Who's phone does Gilmour's son Charlie hang up on 'High Hopes?'

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